Security Without Nuclear Deterrence, Revised and Updated 2018 edition.

By Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret'd)
Foreword by Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham KCB, MIA

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Security Without Nuclear Deterrence, 2018 edition at


Security Without Nuclear Deterrence, 2014 edition.


Security Without Nuclear Deterrence

By Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret'd)
Foreword by General Sir Hugh Beach and General Lord David Ramsbotham
Introduction by Dr Rebecca Johnson

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Aotearoa / New Zealand at the World Court


by Kate Dewes and Robert Green

This booklet describes the role New Zealanders played in challenging the legality of the testing, use and threat of nuclear weapons, at the World Court in The Hague. In 1996 the Court issued an Advisory Opinion confirming the general illegality of the threat or use of these weapons, and called on all governments to bring to a conclusion negotiations leading to complete nuclear disarmament under strict and effective international control.



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The World Court Project


by Kate Dewes

This thesis analyses how, over ten years from 1986-96, a worldwide network of peace activists, doctors and lawyers evolved the World Court Project (WCP), an unprecedented citizens' initiative which helped to persuade the UN to request the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an advisory opinion on the legal status of nuclear weapons. After the largest participation by governments in a case, the ICJ confirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons would generally be illegal.

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Pacific Women Speak Out for Independence and Denuclearisation

Edited by Zohl dé Ishtar

ImageLink TitleEleven indigenous women from 9 Pacific countries give personal testimony to the continued suffering from the effects of colonialism and nuclear militarism. These inspiring voices of survival and strength range from Belau in US-controlled Micronesia, to the French colony of Tahiti in Polynesia, to West Papua under Indonesian military control. Their personal accounts challenge the romantic images often held about the Pacific.

Edited by Zohl dé Ishtar and published jointly in 1998 by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (Aotearoa), the Disarmament & Security Centre (Aotearoa/New Zealand) and Pacific Connections (Australia), it is dedicated to Darlene Keju-Johnson, who died of cancer in 1996.

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The Naked Nuclear Emperor: Debunking Nuclear Deterrence

by Robert Green


It has now become clear that the nuclear weapon states, led by the US, UK and France, cite nuclear deterrence doctrine as the final, indispensable justification for maintaining their nuclear arsenals. Nuclear deterrence must therefore be debunked and alternatives offered if there is to be any serious prospect of eliminating nuclear weapons.

Although a vast literature exists on the subject, it is discursive, fragmented and academic. Many powerful arguments are buried deep in inaccessible volumes. To my knowledge, no attempt has been made since the end of the Cold War to draw together, in a concise form, a comprehensive critique of nuclear deterrence doctrine and safer alternative approaches to achieving security. That is why this booklet is needed.

Re-Thinking Nuclear Deterrence: Summary of Arguments from The Naked Nuclear Emperor


by Commander Robert D. Green, Royal Navy (Retired)

In 24 pages, this booklet summarises the arguments from The Naked Nuclear Emperor while omitting the endnotes.

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Fast Track to Zero Nuclear Weapons


by Robert Green

Even opinion polls in the US and UK show that 87 per cent of those polled want their governments to negotiate an enforceable global treaty banning nuclear weapons, like the widely-acclaimed one for chemical weapons.

Written by Robert Green, this Briefing Book is published by the Middle Powers Initiative and aims to help transform this overwhelming wish into political movement. It highlights the deepening nuclear weapon crisis, discusses the feasibility and desirability of rapid nuclear disarmament, and explores the role that middle power governments, supported by civil society, can play in advancing such a goal.

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World Court Project - International Launch


World Court Project International Launch, Geneva, 14-22 May 1992.